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National Concierge Association The National Concierge Association is an international non-profit network of Concierge & Affiliated Partners.
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Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation problems? Online content not quite right? I'm Judy Vorfeld, online editor, site renovator, and content consultant. I proofread and edit Web site text and business documents, and also rejuvenate small business Web sites to help present businesses with power and clarity.
Interested In Having Your Own Concierge Business? 

Do you fit the concierge personality? If so, personal and corporate clients may stand in line to hire you to assist with everyday tasks that they must, but cannot, perform.  Click here for details.

Holly Speaks If you want a speaker to talk about Customer Service, you want the voice of experience. As chief concierge at a flagship Hyatt Hotel for 16 years, Holly has had to perform during countless customer challenges, all the while providing outstanding service! Holly has developed tricks, tips and techniques to help others do the same. All of Holly's presentations are designed to bring a dose of reality into the attainable goal of "Ultimate Service."
The WWW Virtual Library From Stanford University
Famous Quotations A quick reference guide to famous quotes and familiar quotations.
The complete Works of William Shakespeare

Organized chronologically, alphabetically, and by type. The amount of work involved in presenting this collection FREE on-line is overwhelming. Thank you, Jeremy Hylton.

The Living Earth

Provides fantastic satellite images of the earth enhanced and clarified with computer processing. The site also provides a large number of links related to our planet. Amazing pictures!

The Smithsonian

This site is wonderfully educational!

National Public Radio

"All Things Considered" And More!

Public Broadcasting Station

What an amazing page!  The page is filled with science, technology, nature... In short, it has all the best of PBS!

Barlett's Quotations Search famous quotations by author, chronologically and by author.
Internet Public Library Online public library!
SCORE The SCORE Association (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is a resource  partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. SCORE is dedicated to  aiding in the formation, growth and success of small business Nationwide. You may also contact them at 1-800-834-0245 for a local SCORE office.

Twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week.
World Class Concierge Services.



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