Early 1995
World Class Concierge Services Opens Doors

Owners Todd Zillweger and Patricia Dreiseszun combine 30 years' concierge-related experience. They offer worldwide services to individuals and to corporations, a welcome change in a society starved for one-stop shopping. Services begin at $29.95.

WCCS officers hold membership in the prestigious Les Clefs d'Or and the National Concierge Association. Zillweger co-founded the Arizona Chapter of the National Concierge Association and is currently serving as its president, Dreiseszun co-founded Valley of the Sun Concierge Network Association and holds an honorary membership.

Late 1995
World Class Concierge Services Launches Web Site

One of the first concierge services on the Internet, World Class Concierge Services picks up the slack for busy people and guarantees satisfaction.

Founded earlier this year, it provided personalized concierge services to both corporate and personal clients. "We specialize in offering a service oriented in solutions rather than problems," said Todd Zillweger, the organization's president. "And timeliness is our middle name."

Already global in scope and service, this savvy concierge service wanted to create yet another way to support the 24/7 needs of its clients.

August 1996
Don't Say We Can't Find It!

The man had searched for more than a decade for a 1960s-era Thumbelina doll to give to his wife as a surprise. For years, his wife had scoured swap meets and antique stores, contacted doll collectors and even asked doll hospitals if they could help---all in the hopes of reclaiming a cherished childhood memory. Frustration gave way to resignation. But her husband wouldn't give up.

Enter Patricia Dreiseszun and Todd Zillweger. Co-owners of World Class Concierge Services in Phoenix, they located a Thumbelina doll for the couple at Christmas time last year, after only an hour's worth of searching.

"I just had a feeling this one particular collector on the East Coast would be able to help us out," said Dreiseszun, who together with Zillweger started a concierge business last year. "It was exhilarating to be able to tell the client we located what he wanted."

And what did Dreiseszun and Zillweger charge the man for their service? "He was charged $49.95," said Dreiseszun. "All of our services are available for between $29.95 and $99.95."

World Class Concierge Services specializes in locating hard-to-find items; acquiring tickets to sold-out events worldwide; and fulfilling specialty requests, such as personalized shopping, corporate event planning, and completing tour and travel arrangements.

"We do what most people don't have time to do, or don't want their executive assistants to be concerned with," Zillweger said. "We're here to make people's lives easier."

Both Zillweger and Dreiseszun have extensive experience in providing concierge services. As supervisor of concierge services for SkyMall, Inc., Ziliweger was responsible for securing tickets to sold-out events worldwide, locating hard-to-find collectibles, rare books and antiques, creating unique gift packages, arranging theme parties and coordinating catering and floral services.

Dreiseszun has nearly 20 years' experience in the concierge industry; including serving as director of concierge services at Skymall, Inc. and as the chef concierge at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix for 15 years. She co-founded the Valley of the Sun Concierge Network Association and is an active member of the prestigious Les Clefs d'Or concierge trade organization.

Together, Zillweger and Dreiseszun have accomplished some extraordinary feats. Working much like detectives, they located an original Standard Oil stock certificate signed by John D. Rockefeller and obtained a letter of authenticity for it.

They've procured courtside boxes next to the royal box at this year's Wimbledon championships; and they've located a rare book about gaming in Las Vegas without benefit of knowing the book's correct title, author or publisher. "The client had said to me, 'here's one you'll never find' and that inspired me even more," Dreiseszun said, smiling.

Dreiseszun especially enjoys packaging her discoveries for her clients. "In the case of the rare book find," she explained, "I put play money in between the pages before gift-wrapping it for the client. The presentation added to his enjoyment of the surprise."

World Class Concierge Services has a World Wide Web site, located at www.conciergeservices.com. The site has received over 100,000 visits since the company went on-line in the spring of 1995.

"Through our Internet site, we've reached clients all over the world," Dreiseszun said, adding that individuals in Australia, England, India, Italy, Germany and Portugal have used the company's services.

"We love to do the impossible," Zillweger said. "The more challenging the assignment, the more we enjoy it."

August 2000
Concierge Service Publishes "How To" Manual

People find themselves increasingly busy, and increasing numbers need personal support. Concierge In A Box, a "how to" manual written by Patricia Dreiseszun and Todd Zillweger, made its debut this month online. 

"Everywhere we go, people ask us how they can start their own concierge businesses, and we finally realized we could help them best by creating a thorough manual," says Zillweger.

Concierge In A Box is being marketed through World Class Concierge Services Web site at www.conciergeservices.com

November 2000

"Busy execs turning to online concierge services" by Anne Robertson
November 24, 2000

Concierge assistance is not just for the hotel lobby anymore, according to Todd Zillweger of World Class Concierge Services, a Valley Internet-based company targeted to corporate and personal clients.

And now Zillweger and his partner, Patricia Dreiseszun, have launched a guide, Concierge In A Box, detailing how to start the business -- anywhere.

"The concept is a big-time hot button now, and such services are being offered as an employee perk by corporations, mainly Fortune 500 ones, trying to retain staff," Zillweger said. "We are marketing our `box' to anyone who wants to start a concierge business in their own town, or even on a national level."

On-site shoe repair, dry cleaning, personal shopping and errand running are examples of services that "take the pressure off busy workers," according to Zillweger.

And different types of concierge services are "popping up" in many new locales, he said, such as residential communities, shopping malls, airports, parking garages and bank lobby kiosks.

"Concierges have become more like personal assistants on a corporate and personal level," said Zillweger, whose clients include APS Health Link, SkyMall Inc., Abram's Realty & Management, Human Resource Center, Robb & Stuckey Fine Home Furnishings and more.

Often a client may request services that go beyond the "typical" ones offered. He cited examples such as the parent, away on a business trip, who needed a last-minute child's birthday event planned; and the time they procured a rare edition of a book, authored by a Civil War hero, for another client.

Zillweger's company has pulled together parties that have special touches, such as an anniversary party aboard a yacht that included providing the same type of fresh flowers used in the couple's wedding.

The guide, co-authored by Zillweger and Dreiseszun, has been endorsed by the National Concierge Association, while other such manuals have not, Zillweger said. He and Dreiseszun, who started their company in 1995, both worked as concierges prior to that.

"We have over 30 years of combined experience -- we've both worked in the trenches," he said.

Moreover, Zillweger said one client who runs his own corporate jet-cleaning business on the East Coast wants to take his company to another level by offering the concierge services as well.

"His clients are upscale, and he thinks they'd like the services," Zillweger said. "Most people who utilize the services are upscale, with the money but not a lot of time for many of life's tasks due to their schedules."

World Class Concierge Services: 602-340-1166

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May 2001
Nationwide Layoffs Trigger Startup Of Concierge Businesses

The economic conditions of 2001 are proving providential for a number of motivated self-starters, according to Todd Zillweger of World Class Concierge Services of Phoenix, Arizona.

"Last year my partner and I published Concierge In A Box, a detailed manual for starting a concierge business," he says, "and we're astounded at the sales of this 'how-to' guide which is advertised on our Web site. My partner and I personally talk with those showing an interest in this business, and only recommend the manual to those with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong organizational skills, and a commitment to serving others."

While WCCS is located physically in Phoenix, Zillweger and partner Patricia Dreiseszun have always operated on a global scale. Yet they also work with a number of local companies, including businesses that recognize the need for more time that befalls all employees.

How does needing more time translate to using a concierge? "The line between where work ends and one's personal life begins is an ongoing issue," says Dreiseszun. "Savvy CEOs and Human Resources departments consider having a company concierge a wise investment. They have easier recruitment and higher retention."

World Class Concierge Services sees that the economy of 2001 will see an entire generation of concierges, both in home-based and brick-and-mortar businesses. "We're delighted to offer the finest publication of its kind," says Zillweger, "and enjoy helping see these businesses come to life."

July 28, 2006 (The Business Journal, Phoenix AZ)
At Your Service
Concierge businesses help people, companies maximize time

World Class Concierge Services, a 12-year-old Phoenix business, serves individual and corporate clients.

Owner and industry veteran Patricia Dreiseszun has worked as a concierge since the late 1970's. In 2000, World Class Concierge Services began selling "Concierge-in-a-Box," a comprehensive guide to starting a concierge business.

Dreiseszun, who had been doing private consulting on starting a business in her field, started the kit as a less-expensive way for entrepreneurs to learn from her expertise. "If they are very customer service-oriented, it can be a good business for people," she said.

The "Concierge-in-a-Box" includes business startup information, sample forms and tips on marketing and how to provide excellent service. It costs $325, and World Class Concierge Services already has sold several hundred kits. The box is geared toward new entrepreneurs, but it also has been sold to hospitals, senior centers and a mortuary, Dreiseszun said. "They determined they were already providing a concierge service in arranging travel, floral arranging and catering. So why not expand on it?"

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